Dmitry Savluchenko

Who is Dmitry Savluchenko and did he really die in Kherson

Dmitry Savluchenko is a former candidate for the district council from the Volodymyr Saldo Bloc from Kherson, Ukraine.

He has a Facebook page.


Dmitry Savluchenko in his profile indicated Kherson as his hometown.

He studied at the Kherson secondary school №50 of the І-ІІІ degrees of the Kherson city council.

Then he studied at the Kherson National Technical University in the direction of finance and credit.

The place of work indicated the company COFCO.

Dmitry Savluchenko, as a pro-Russian activist, collaborated with the party of the Ukrainian politician, godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin Viktor Medvedchuk, “Opposition Platform – For Life”.

In March 2022, Kherson was occupied by Russian troops.

Dmitry Savluchenko became a collaborator, having received from the occupiers the position of director of the youth policy department in the pro-Russian “military-civilian administration.”

Dmitry Savluchenko has an Instagram page, a Vkontakte page, and a Telegram channel.

Dmitry Savluchenko
Dmitry Savluchenko. Photo Source:

Is it true Dmitry Savluchenko died in Kherson

On June 24, 2022, the Russian Telegram channel Shot reported that Dmitry Savluchenko’s car was blown up in Kherson.

“The military administration of the Kherson region confirmed to us that he had died. They also said the bombing was a “targeted assassination attempt.”

A correspondent for the Russian edition of Izvestia reported from the scene that Dmitry Savluchenko died on the spot.

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