Oganes Kamaryan

Who is Oganes Kamaryan and is it really killed in Moscow

Oganes Removich Kamaryan is an entrepreneur from Moscow, Russia.

It is mentioned in the register of entrepreneurs.


Oganes Kamaryan was born in 1960 in Armenia.

In Moscow, as an entrepreneur, he began his activities on October 14, 2002.

Became the founder of 6 organizations.

Among other things, he founded the Fincor Consulting LLC company, which is engaged in consulting on business and management issues.

According to Telegram channel 112, Oganes Kamaryan is wanted in Armenia for a serious crime.

“According to our information, there in 2013 he tried to organize a contract killing of his opponent and colleague of Ded Khasan, Rafik Madoyan. Oganes Kamaryan promised the performer 500 thousand dollars and a mansion in Spain, but the crime was prevented by the police,” the newspaper writes.

On April 7, 2022, according to 112, Oganes Kamaryan was detained on Frunzenskaya Embankment in Moscow by criminal investigation officers with the forceful support of the Grom special forces unit.

The detention took place at the request of Interpol for the purpose of arrest and further extradition to Armenia.

Oganes Kamaryan
Oganes Kamaryan. Photo source: t.me/ENews112

Is it true that Oganes Kamaryan was killed in Moscow

On the night of June 3, 2022, a killer shot Oganes Kamaryan in the center of Moscow, 112 reports.

The incident took place on Komsomolsky Prospekt.

An unidentified man ran up to the victim and shot him several times in the head and back.

At the time of the murder, 22-year-old Yekaterina Popova was with businessman Oganes Kamaryan, 112 reports.

The killer was waiting for the couple in the archway in the yard.

When they left the Seiji restaurant, the killer fired three shots and fled.

The perpetrator used a pistol with a silencer.

The killer was detained, reports 112.

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