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Who is Dr. Rob Carman, how he died, and what is freedom from poisonous thoughts

Dr. Rob Carman – pastor of one of the most influential churches in the State of New Mexico, USA.

He has an Instagram page (2252 subscribers).

Rob Carman
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Rob Carman is the author of The Mind – Mental And Emotional Health and Stop Dying – Start Living.

In June 2021, a message appeared on Rob Carman’s Instagram page that Rob Carman had died.

He was born in 1938.

From his book The Mind – Mental And Emotional Health, the following passage is replicated on social networks:

Thursday, July 29

Freedom From Poisonous Thoughts

Dr. Rob Carman

Johns Hopkins Medical School has found that 70% of disease is psychosomatic. What does that mean? The word psyche means “the mind,” and soma is “the body.” This is not to say that 70% of diseases are not real, but rather that the origin of these diseases is not found in a physical cause. The origin, in nature, first occurred in the mind. As a person begins to harbor and foster negative thoughts in the mind, these manifest into the body. Thoughts have the ability to make us well or to poison the body. Negative thoughts weaken the immune system and poison the bloodstream. Several years ago, Standford University found over 2000 different chemical secretions that were released into the body, from the brain into the bloodstream, which were all based on a person’s thoughts—good or bad.

If you are not careful, you can begin to develop negative thoughts towards other people without understanding that while these thoughts have absolutely no effect on the other person whatsoever, they do affect you. That’s a part of why Jesus went to such great extents to teach us to turn the other cheek. This was not simply a teaching. If someone asked you to walk one mile, walk two. If someone asked for your coat, give them your cloak. If they hit you on one cheek, give them the other side. The whole premise of this teaching was freedom and reliance on God. True freedom is found when it is God who is in control, and not people, events or circumstances. This attitude frees us from animosity, hatred, aggravation, ill-will, grief, sorrow, pain, and suffering—all the things that poison and destroy your emotions, your mind, and your physical body. Jesus gave this wisdom in one simple teaching and showed how to become free from these things.

Just as our thoughts can make us ill, they can also help us to heal. Consider people who practice “mind-body” therapy. There is growing clinical evidence that imagery is beneficial in treating skin disease, diabetes, breast cancer, arthritis, headaches, and severe burns. Jesus taught in Mark that “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Today is a good day to begin to pray and in faith to see yourself resting in God for a positive outcome, to start to change your life as you get freedom from poisonous thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Who is Dr. Rob Carman, how he died, and what is freedom from poisonous thoughts

  1. Pastor Rob was a great man of God.He was my mentor as a young Christian and I’m eternally grateful for all that he taught me. Rev.TJ Smith

  2. Pastor Rob was an Awesome Pastor. When he spoke the word of God… Something in you just fires up…. He was like a great book that you could never put down. I loved his stories and his preaching touched my heart. I would travel 4 hours just to go to service Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.. And stay 2 services on Sunday just to hear him preach the service again….and after service…I would buy the tape.
    He was a remarkable gifted, talented and most of all A MAN OF GOD… He touched many many lifes as well as he touched mine.
    Pastor Rob I know your in Heaven dancing with the Angels… I just wanted to tell all who read this post… There is something about Pastor Rob when you hear his preaching . You just want to keep hearing it. Even thou he is off the Earth but with his maker Jesus Christ. Know this, I will never forget his amazing teaching he did on earth. I became born again Christian 1994. It started at Victory Love Fellowship.. I was baptized at that Church. Thank you Pastor Rob for your Great Services and Word of God that kept me going and still does today.

  3. Why is Rob Carmans death been so secret? There’s still no obituary, or cause of death. His wife Ginger said that the cause of death was that Rob’s heart stopped. But isn’t that the case with everyone? Their heart stops?

    Is there any information as to the cause of death?

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