Yuri Shatunov

“why did shatunov die” – what happened

The query “why did shatunov die” jumped sharply in search trends on June 23, 2022.

People are looking for the reason why the singer Yuri Shatunov, the leader of the Tender May group, died.

Most of these requests come from Russia.

People are also looking for an answer to the queries “did Yura Shatunov really die”, “Yura Shatunov died or not”, “why did Shatunov die”.

On June 23, 2022, a message appeared on Yuri Shatunov’s Instagram page (430 thousand subscribers) that he had died.

“Tonight, in the ambulance, Yura’s heart stopped,” the message says.

The cause of death of Yuri Shatunov is heart failure, a heart attack.

“Yuri felt bad when he was relaxing with friends. Friends took him to the Rastunov polyclinic, where doctors examined him, and gave him an injection and a cardiogram. Analyzes showed that the artist had a massive heart attack. They decided to transfer Shatunov to the Domodedovo Central City Hospital, where he died, ”the Baza telegram channel writes.

Yura Shatunov was 48 years old.

He is survived by two children: son Dennis (age 15) and daughter Estella (age 9).

Shatunov led TikTok, Telegram channel, YouTube channel.

Yuri Shatunov
Yuri Shatunov. Photo Source: instagram.com/yuriy_shatunov/

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