Fakhrudin Sharafmal

Who is Fakhrudin Sharafmal and what is the scandal on Channel 24

Fakhrudin Sharafmal – TV presenter of Channel 24, Ukraine.

A page on the website of Channel 24 is dedicated to him.

“Author and presenter of the program-analytical edition,” it says there.


Fakhrudin Sharafmal graduated from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in 2020 with a master’s degree in journalism.

Journalist of the International Journalism Department.

Experience in journalism since 2017.

Fakhrudin is an Afghan by nationality.

What a scandal on channel 24

On March 12, 2022, Fakhrudin Sharafmal, on the air of Channel 24, said that he was ready to personally kill all Russians, not only invaders who came to Ukrainian land, but also everyone else, along with their children.

At the same time, Sharafmal quoted the Nazi ideologist Adolf Eichmann.

This is how the journalist reacted to the death of his friend, company commander of the 503rd Separate Marine Battalion Pavel Sbitov.

Sharafmal’s statement on March 15, 2022, was distributed in the media by Russian propagandists.

On March 15, former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Ilya Ponomarev said that Fakhrudin Sharafmal was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine.

“There was an outrageous incident on Ukrainian television, symmetrical to the Moscow breakthrough Marina Ovsyannikova. An unknown person got on the air of Channel 24 TV channel, who uttered a pro-fascist text, which the Russian media immediately began to disperse, ”Ponomarev wrote on Facebook.

“An audit by the competent authorities of Ukraine showed that this person is an agent of the Russian special services, specially trained for such cases as of yesterday’s scandal in Moscow. In addition, his speech is a direct violation of the law of Ukraine on the inadmissibility of propaganda of fascism. It must be assumed that this person, presented on the air as Fakhrudin Sharafmal, will be detained in the near future. UPD: He is already in the SBU, this was confirmed to us. I am surprised by the incompetence and lack of vigilance of the channel’s employees, who did not think of immediately stopping the broadcast, thereby allowing the Kremlin’s provocation,” Ponomarev added.

Fakhrudin Sharafmal
Fakhrudin Sharafmal. Photo Source: Channel 24

How Fakhrudin Sharafmal apologized

On March 13, Fakhrudin Sharafmal apologized on Channel 24.

He stated that his statements were unacceptable – both for a journalist and as a person.

“The pain of loss and sadness for a friend spoke in me. Once again, I apologize. We will not allow the genocide that is happening in our country,” Sharafmal stressed.

The journalist noted that Ukraine complies with all international norms, including the Geneva Conventions, and will never allow such a genocide that take place on the territory of Ukraine.

“However, this rule does not apply to those Russians who came to our land to kill the people,” the host added.

How the leadership of Channel 24 reacted

Roman Andreyko, General Director of Lux Media Holding (which includes Channel 24), outlined his position.

“A very unfortunate incident occurred on the air of Channel 24, which has been conducting an information marathon since the first day of the war. Journalist Fakhrudin Sharafmal, who learned about the death of a close friend in this war, lost control of his emotions and issued a tirade that is inconsistent with both the editorial policy of Channel 24, as well as with the generally accepted moral principles of humanity,” he said in a statement.

“Farid, in an emotional outburst, declared that he was ready to personally kill all Russians, not only invaders who came to our land … but also everyone else, along with their children. Subsequently, having mastered his emotions, the very next day Sharafmal also apologized on the air and expressed sincere remorse that he had said such terrible things, and stated that this was incompatible with journalism and, in general, with the principles of humanity,” Andreyko added.

According to him, the reason for the failure of the journalist is the loss of a dear person.

“However, Kremlin propagandists do not care about words of forgiveness! They took the disgraced words out of context, added a photo of the Nazi ideologist (!!) to the video, and fanned the scandal, using this case as evidence of the “Nazification” and “nationalism” of Ukrainians,” Andreyko said.

“Fakhrudin is an Afghan by nationality, and his accusations of Nazism, Nazisification, and nationalism are as meaningless as all Kremlin propaganda. And only an audience poisoned by this propaganda can take all this seriously. On behalf of the entire staff of channel 24, I apologize for the unfortunate incident on the air, where the emotions of the presenter took precedence over common sense and a real attitude to the values of life and worldview, ”wrote the CEO of Lux media holding.

According to him, Fakhrudin Sharafmal is a young and talented journalist, the author of many high-quality television projects, including those dedicated to Russian propaganda.

“Ironically, he himself became the target of this propaganda and became the object of the struggle against our country, which he loves so much. You can watch the video of Fakhrudin’s apology or reread the text. Everyone will draw their own conclusions. What do you believe – in a video taken out of context of a tearful presenter with a photograph of a Nazi completed by Russians or in his sincere conscious repentance – you choose,” Andreyko summed up.

On February 24, 2022, Putin ordered an open invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

Since then, Russian occupying forces have been shelling Ukrainian civilian cities in an attempt to capture them.

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  1. It is impossible for any person , who is not nazi, to say such a thing, to clame genocide, under any emotional situation . This is somethig you have inside your mind as ideology and any excuse is hypocritical! I will always remember his name and the name of the chanel.

  2. Why is promoting Hitlerism, Nazi admiration so high among the Islamic world (and not just by grandchildren of Arab immigrants AKA as “Palestinians”)?

    1. The article stated that he did not promote Nazism or use the Nazi picture. The Russian press added those “extra” elements. What he said was unacceptable in the strongest terms – and for which he apologised immediately after his outburst.

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