Yuri Khokhlov

Who is Yuri Khokhlov and how did he die

Yuri Mikhailovich Khokhlov is the founder and CEO of ASB, Russia.

There is information about him in the register of entrepreneurs.

The ASB company unites 6 enterprises in the field of agribusiness and agricultural processing in the Voronezh, Tambov, Penza, Volgograd, and Saratov regions, including the Kirsanov and Gribanovsky sugar factories.

Specializes in the production of sugar.

Everything, according to the register, Yuri Khokhlov founded 15 enterprises.

However, most of them have been eliminated.

On June 8, 2022, Telegram channel 112 reported that Yuri Khokhlov had been shot dead near Tambov.

Khokhlov flew by helicopter to the village of Rudovka to inspect the fields of his agricultural firm.

There he was allegedly shot dead by 49-year-old businessman Vladimir Levkin.

“Levkin annually sowed the plot with sunflower, which, on the instructions of Yuri Khokhlov, was destroyed with the same frequency by the employees of his farm. This time, Lyovkin met Khokhlov not with papers, but with a Vepr carbine. The killer fired a shot at the businessman and fled. Yuri Khokhlov died on the spot. And after 40 minutes, the corpse of Vladimir Lyovkin was also discovered. He went to a pond, a couple of kilometers from Rudovka, and shot himself in the head with the same carbine,” 112 reports.

Yuri Khokhlov
Yuri Khokhlov. Photo Source: protambov.ru

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