Sergey Karshkov

Who is Sergey Karshkov and is he really dead

Sergey Sergeevich Karshkov is a Russian businessman, and co-founder of the online bookmakers 1xBet and 1xStavka.

He has a Facebook page.


Sergey Karshkov was born on October 14, 1980, in Bryansk, Russia.

In 2014, together with Roman Semiokhin and Dmitry Kazorin, they launched the 1xBet and 1xBet projects.

Their income from 2014 to 2019 is estimated at $715 million.

In 2021, law enforcement agencies opened criminal proceedings against the founders of 1xBet.

In 2021, the Investigative Committee of Russia announced on a wanted list of Sergey Karshkov, Roman Semiokhin, and Dmitry Kazorin, who at that time already lived abroad.

Sergey Karshkov also has a page on the Peacemaker resource.

There Karshkov is accused of crimes.

“Financing of Russian military aggression and terrorism. Legalization (laundering) of money or other property obtained by criminal means,” the page says.

Sergey Karshkov
Sergey Karshkov. Photo Source:

Is Sergey Karshkov really dead?

On June 20, 2023, Toonbox General Producer Pavel Muntyan announced that Sergey Karshkov had died.

“Sergey Karshkov (founder 1XBET) RIP… 42 years old. I can’t believe it… I have a lump in my throat,” he wrote on Facebook.

“This simply cannot be! How so? Seryoga was one of the most athletic and healthy people I knew! Like a bull! I went to Switzerland for a checkup… MRI contrast fluid and subsequent MRI led first to allergies, then to coma, and then to death… My God, what a nightmare!! NIGHTMARE! A lump in my throat…” he added.

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