“boombl4 photo” – what kind of leake is this and where to look

The query “boombl4 photo” exploded in search trends on June 8, 2022.

People are looking for a photo of the former captain of the NaVi esports team Kirill boombl4 Mikhailov, which was leaked to the network by his wife Anzhelika Ezieva.

The uncensored photo, in particular, was published by the Zapreschenka telegram channel, which belongs to the popular Dvach resource.

“Kukoldych responded by saying that he filed for divorce (what time is this already?) and is going to sue his wife for slander,” writes Dvach.

Also, the uncensored photo of Bumich was published by the popular resource `MDK.

“His beloved wife was so offended by another quarrel that she announced a divorce (yes, again), and also leaked a photo of Kukoldych’s member and a video where the e-sportsman uses something,” the newspaper writes.

boombl4. Photo Source:

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Angelica LiQueen made a statement in connection with the leak.

boombl4 issued a statement following the accusations against liqueen.

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