Andrei Rakhov

Who is Andrei Rakhov and did he really die in Ukraine

Andrey Rakhov is a Russian blogger, rapper, and member of the Zenit football club fan movement from St. Petersburg.

He has a telegram channel.


Andrey Rakhov was born in 1982.

Worked in the fire department.

He founded the Firefighter merch in Russia.

He has a YouTube channel and an Instagram page.

In 2022, Andriy Rakhov joined the Vostok group, which is fighting on the side of the Russian invaders against the Ukrainian army in Donbas.

Andrei Rakhov
Andrei Rakhov. Photo Source:

Is it true that Andrei Rakhov died in the Donbas?

On February 14, 2023, the Russian media reported that Andrei Rakhov died near Vuhledar, a Ukrainian city in the Donbas, which the Russian invaders are trying to capture.

Rakhov allegedly hit a mine and died from severe injuries.

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