Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya

Who is Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya and did she really die

Kristina Yadrevskaya (nee – Raspopova) is a stewardess (flight attendant) from Moscow, Russia.

She has a Facebook page.


Kristina Raspopova is 39 years old.

She indicated that she was born in Moscow.

At the same time, her relatives note that she was born in Kazakhstan.

She studied at the private school “HOPE”.

Then – at the Moscow Financial and Law University (MFYuA).

She stated that she was divorced.

Her brother is Evgeny Raspopov, Deputy Prosecutor of Yemanzhelinsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia.

Raspopova got a job at the MNT Aero company and moved to live in St. Petersburg from Moscow.

Prior to that, she also worked in business aviation.

She has a page on LinkedIn.

Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya
Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya. Photo Source:

Is it true that Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya died?

On August 23, 2023, an Embraer-135 (EBM-135BJ) aircraft crashed in the Tver region, Russia.

The Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation reported that on board the crashed Embraer were passengers: Propustin Sergey, Makaryan Evgeniy, Totmin Aleksandr, Chekalov Valeriy, Utkin Dmitriy, Matuseev Nikolay, Prigozhin Evgeniy, as well as crew members: Levshin Aleksei, commander; Karimov Rustam, co-pilot; Raspopova Kristina, flight attendant.

At the same time, the Russian investigating authorities found the remains of the bodies at the crash site.

Thus, as of August 24, 2023, Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya is believed to have died.

She was the only woman on board the Embraer-135 (EBM-135BJ).

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder and owner of the Wagner private military company, is also considered dead.

Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya
Kristina Raspopova Yadrevskaya. Photo Source:

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