Sergey Shunyaev

Who is Sergey Shunyaev and how did he die

Sergey Aleksandrovich Shunyaev is a Russian entrepreneur and founder of Rover Computers.

He has a Facebook page.


Sergey Shunyaev was born in 1963 in Moscow.

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering.

Since 1987, he worked at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 1990, he left to work under a contract in Hungary, where he spent five years.

In 1995, Sergey Shunyaev headed the computer department of the DVM-Systems company.

He founded the company Rover Computers, which is a manufacturer of computer equipment and digital electronics.

Sergey Shunyaev has been a member of Rammstein Georgia since April 30, 2018. Familiar with Rammstein leader Till Lindemann. Sponsor of the group “Aria”.

Sergey Shunyaev and Till Lindemann
Sergey Shunyaev and Till Lindemann. Photo Source: Rammstein Georgia

How Sergei Shunyaev died

On June 12, 2023, Dmitry Mendrelyuk, an acquaintance of Sergei Shunyaev, announced that Sergei Shunyaev had died.

The cause of death of Sergey Shunyaev is a heart attack.

“Sergei Shunyaev died. Heart. One of the most cheerful and informal businessmen of Russian IT. Rover, Harley, Aria and a lot of rock movement. Unforgettable jokes. Unforgettable parties. He’s all very memorable: a great man. Rest in peace to you … ”Mendrelyuk wrote on Facebook.

“Today we have lost one of our best, old friends – SERGEY ALEKSANDROVICH SHUNYAEV…. Serega has been my friend since 1983, and a bright part of our movement, and then a partner in almost all concerts from 1999 to 2003, or even longer, ”Eduard Ratnikov wrote on Facebook.

“Serge has always been a bright rock star, we are loved and imitated by many rock stars, whose concerts we did, and with whom we have been personal friends for many years,” he added.

The Aria group dedicated a song to Sergei Shunyaev.

Sergey Shunyaev
Sergey Shunyaev. Photo Source:

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