Yaroslav Makhach Briginets

Who is Yaroslav Makhach Briginets and did he really die in Ukraine

Yaroslav Briginets, nicknamed Makhach, is a fighter of the Ukrainian Azov regiment, a boxer.

He is discussed on the Azov page.


Yaroslav Briginets was born in 2002.

On February 13, 2021, Yaroslav “Makhach” Brigynets took part in a boxing tournament in Mariupol and took first place there.

Also in this tournament, first place was taken by Maxim Kagal, nicknamed “Piston”.

“A spectacular boxing tournament was held at the Portovik sports complex in Mariupol on February 13. The event is traditionally organized annually by the Azov Regiment to pay tribute to the eleven Azov people who died during the Pavlopol-Shirokinsky offensive operation in 2015,” the description for the video on the results of the tournament says.

In 2021, the tournament brought together 26 fighters who fought for the title of the best boxer in six weight categories.

“During the fights, which began with the blow of a gong, a real storm of emotions seethed. Fans vied with each other to cheer on the athletes with exclamations of “come on, fill it up!”, “Work on it!”, “Come in from the left!” the like. Some fights ended with a clear advantage of one fighter, others – with a big disagreement in the opinions of the judges. Intense fights, there were also disqualifications and the refusal of the seconds to continue the fight due to the injury of the athlete, ”the organizers report.

“In the ring, the fighters demonstrated unsurpassed strength and endurance, and no one wanted to give victory to the opponent. As a result, the prizes were divided as follows: 1st place – Bir, Piston, Onyx, Yarilo, Press, Lavrukha, Makhach, Dozor, Khim. 2nd place – Spinner, Zheka, Luigi, Firefighter, Kit, Bird, Grim. 3rd place – Taraman, Ecologist, Gaydamak, Tanchik, Technar, Adams,” the organizers say.

Yaroslav Makhach Briginets
Yaroslav Makhach Briginets. Photo source: facebook.com/lili.brik.9406

Who died Yaroslav Makhach Briginets

On April 6, 2022, blogger Mila Akulova reported that Yaroslav Makhach Briginets had died.

“You always fought to the end… Yaroslav “Makhach” Briginets. I pulled out friends who came under fire,” she wrote on Facebook, posting a video with Makhach.

“Once in a conversation you said that you don’t want to be mourned and sad if something happens … We will not cry brother, we will take revenge! You are a real man, warrior, and hero. A man who always smiled and came to the rescue in any situation without self-interest. 20 years… It hurts,” she added.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin staged an open full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

Since then, the Russian invaders have been shelling Ukrainian cities and committing massacres of Ukrainian citizens.

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