Ekaterina Sigitova

Who is Ekaterina Sigitova and how did she die

Ekaterina Sigitova is a psychotherapist and author of books.

She has a page on Instagram.


Ekaterina Sigitova is 42 years old.

In 2004, she graduated from Kazan State Medical University (Russia) with a degree in General Practitioner.

Then she completed a residency in psychiatry at the Kazan State Medical Academy, Russia.

Since 2013, she studied in Prague at the Charles University, where she received her doctorate in psychology.

In 2018 she graduated from the Anna Freud Center in the UK.

Have a daughter.

Ekaterina Sigitova has ichthyosis (an incurable skin disease).

Author of books such as The Recipe for Happiness. Accept yourself three times a day”, “How would you explain… Finding the right words to talk to children”, “Perfect storm. How to survive a psychological crisis.

She has a Facebook page and a Telegram channel.

Ekaterina Sigitova
Ekaterina Sigitova. Photo Source: t.me/psygitova

How Ekaterina Sigitova died

On June 22, 2023, correspondent Anna Mukhina reported that Ekaterina Sigitova had died.

“Katya Sigitova has died. A person of amazing resilience, a beautiful woman, a sensitive, gentle, competent psychologist. Incredibly sad. I will miss her incredibly, ”Mukhina wrote on Facebook.

Sigitova’s colleague Svetlana Garidova named the cause of death as melanoma.

“It is very sad that Ekaterina Sigitova left, so young, so good. I learned the basics of MBT (mentalization based therapy) from Katya and it was one of my most powerful trainings in recent years. Melanoma is a tricky thing. So sorry. Blessed memory,” wrote Garidova on Facebook.

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