Vladislav Palagin

Who is Vladislav Palagin, what does Morgenstern, 12 and the war of the Russian invaders against Ukraine have to do with it

Vladislav Palagin is a musician, producer, beatmaker from Odesa, Ukraine.

He has a page on Instagram (118 thousand subscribers).


Vladislav Palagin was born on June 5, 1996, in Odesa, Ukraine.

Grew up and studied in Odessa.

Then he moved to work in Moscow.

Vladislav Palagin’s parents remain in Odessa.

He became famous thanks to his collaboration with the Russian singer Yegor Creed.

Vladislav Palagin became the author of music for the Russian label Black Star.

He actively collaborated with Timati, Misha Marvin.

In 2020, Palagin released his debut album.

Palagin also has a twitch, youtube channel, and a telegram channel.

Vladislav Palagin
Vladislav Palagin. Photo source: instagram.com/palaginx/

What is 12

On the night of March 14, 2022, a video was released with a song by rapper Morgenstern called 12.

It was produced by Palagin.

At the end of the clip, Palagin approaches Morgenstern with a smartphone: the voice of Vladislav Palagin’s mother sounds from there:

“Sinulechka, well, yes, we have here, right here, in the morning and the roof was almost blown away. We thought to run somewhere and then returned to the place, now we are sitting. In the cellar, they prepared a bomb shelter for themselves, so, well, kitty, don’t worry … “

On February 24, 2022, Putin announced a military invasion of Ukraine: since then, Russian invaders have been shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities.

Palagin’s football in the video says: Take Your Pills.

Vladislav Palagin on the right
Vladislav Palagin on the right. Photo Source: MORGENSHTERN

About the line “Under the hood of a V12” in this new Morgenstern song: it’s about a car with a twelve-cylinder engine.

V12 is usually reserved for hypercars and premium cars.

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