Marina Ovsyannikova

Who is Marina Ovsyannikova and what is the poster on Channel One Russia

Marina Ovsyannikova is a television editor for Channel One Russia.

She has an Instagram page

Channel One, Moscow. Fitness and open water swimming. Bosphorus, Volga, Swimstar, and Oceanman 😉 Happy mom. Golden Retrievers,” Marina Ovsyannikova wrote in her profile.


Marina Ovsyannikova, as indicated on her Facebook page, studied from 2001 to 2005 at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

She also studied at Kuban State University.

Lives in Moscow.

According to the former editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy, Alexei Venediktov, on his Telegram channel, Marina Ovsyannikova is the mother of two children.

She works in the Directorate of Information Programs of the First Channel.

Marina Ovsyannikova
Marina Ovsyannikova. Source:

What is the poster on Channel One Russia

On the evening of March 14, Marina Ovsyannikova broke into a live broadcast with Ekaterina Andreeva with a poster.

The poster reads: “NOWAR (no war). Stop the war, do not believe the propaganda, they lie to you here. Russians against war (Russians against war).”

Marina Ovsyannikova with a poster
Marina Ovsyannikova with a poster. Screenshot from the broadcast of Channel One on 03/14/2022

At the same time, Ovsyannikova shouted “No to war! Stop the war!”

Prior to this, Marina Ovsyannikova recorded a video message.

Prior to this, Marina Ovsyannikova recorded a video message.

“What is happening in Ukraine now is a crime. And Russia is an aggressor country. And the responsibility for this crime lies only on the conscience of one person. And that person is Vladimir Putin,” she said.

“My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian. And they were never enemies. And this necklace on my neck (in the colors of the Russian and Ukrainian flags) is a symbol of the fact that Russia must immediately stop the fratricidal war and our fraternal peoples will still be able to reconcile,” Marina Ovsyannikova added.

“Unfortunately, in recent years I have been working on Channel One, doing Kremlin propaganda, and I am now very ashamed of it. It’s a shame for letting me tell lies from the TV screen. I’m ashamed that I was allowed zombifying Russian people. We kept silent in 2014 when all this was just beginning. We didn’t go out to rallies when the Kremlin poisoned Navalny. We just silently watched this anti-human regime. And now the whole world has turned its back on us. And ten more generations of our descendants will not be washed away from the shame of this fratricidal war,” she said.

TASS reported that Channel One is checking in connection with an incident with an outsider in the frame during a live broadcast.

She is facing administrative charges.

“The girl can be held liable, including under Art. 20.3.3. Code of Administrative Offenses (“Public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to protect the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens, maintain international peace and security”),” a TASS source said.

According to him, the girl is currently detained.

The source clarified that Marina Ovsyannikova is in the police department of the OMVD in the Ostankino district.

She faces a fine of 30-50 thousand Russian rubles.

On February 24, 2022, Putin declared war on Ukraine, launching a military invasion and shelling of peaceful Ukrainian cities.

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