Big Floppa

“Floppa died” – is it true

The query “Floppa died” jumped in search trends on August 25, 2023.

Netizens are checking the information whether the caracal named Gosha, Big Russian Cat, Floppa or Big Floppa, really died.

Such requests come from Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.

The reason is that a video with the message “slap died” got into the recommendation on TikTok.

Floppa has a telegram channel.

“I don’t know how to dispel the myth of Sloop’s death. He eats meat as if he were alive, peeing and pooping too. There will be live streams coming soon. Perhaps this will help, ”says a post with a photo of a caracal named Gosha (Floppa), published on August 25, 2023.

“Gosha says that he has a website with contacts and many other interesting things. Before believing the rumors, check out the official information :)” reads a more recent post.

Floppa also has a website and a Facebook page.

He was born on December 21, 2017, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Lives in Russia with Andrei and Elena Bondarev.

He became famous thanks to memes.

Big Floppa
Big Floppa. Photo Source:

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