Semyon Pegov

“Pegov killed” – is it true

The query “Pegov killed” jumped in search trends on June 19, 2023.

Netizens are checking the information to see if the Russian propagandist and blogger Semyon Pegov was killed.

The surge in such requests is associated with the viral distribution of a video on social networks, where Ukrainian soldiers are fighting in a trench with Russian military occupiers.

One of the invaders, who is being shot at by a Ukrainian soldier, looks like Semyon Pegov.

News about Semyon Pegov appears in his telegram channel, as well as on Twitter.

He reacted to reports of his death on Twitter.

He is now 37 years old.

In October 2022, he came under fire in the Donbas and was wounded in the leg.

Semyon Pegov
Semyon Pegov. Photo Source:

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