Kate Mara and Elliot Page

How Kate Mara Reacted to Elliot Page’s Statement About Their Romance

On Kate Mara’s Instagram page, there are several photos with Elliot Page.

On May 17, 2017, Kate Mara posted a photo of herself kissing Elliot Page.

“Followed this lil monster on Instagram and she’s freakin out,” Kate Mara captioned the photo.

On September 16, 2017, Kate Mara posted another photo with Elliot Page.

“Made a movie with my bestie. Thank you #tiff #mydaysofmercy,” she wrote in the caption.

Kate Mara and Elliot Page
Kate Mara and Elliot Page. Photo Source:instagram.com/katemara/

They are referring to the movie “My Days of Mercy,” in which Kate Mara and Elliot Page’s characters fall in love with each other.

On March 9, 2022, Kate Mara shared a photo of Elliot Page, who came out as a transgender man named Elliot on his Instagram account in 2020.

“#protecttranskids,” Kate Mara captioned the photo.

Kate Mara is married to actor Jamie Bell, and they have a daughter together.

Recently, there has been information in the media that Elliot Page mentioned their romance with Kate Mara in his memoir “Pageboy.”

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