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“Slava Rabinovich died” – what happened

The query “Slava Rabinovich died” jumped in search trends on July 5, 2022.

People are looking for whether the Russian and American investment financier, economic and political analyst, Internet journalist, and publicist Slava Rabinovich really died.

The reason for the surge in such requests was the message of the Russian journalist and writer Nadezhda Kevorkova.

“Slava Rabinovich died in Israel. On February 28, 2015, he said that Putin ordered and killed Nemtsov, and not Kadyrov’s people. He was a neighbor of Nemtsov. I was amazed when the sign was hung on the wrong house. In the autumn he was hit by a car, and he was in the hospital for a long time with severe fractures, ”Kevorkova wrote on July 5, 2022, on Twitter.

The Israeli edition of Cursor, in turn, tried to verify this information but did not receive any confirmation of the alleged death of Slava Rabinovich, nor a refutation.

As for the news about Slava Rabinovich, the last message from him on social networks is dated October 15, 2021.

This is a message in his telegram channel: there he writes about his poor physical condition after the accident.

“If your hands can reach the laptop. I’m bedridden seriously ill, and this is not a joke. It will soon be a month since I am in this hospital, in the real ass of the world, in Safed (a very peculiar and interesting town that I saw on the eve of the idiot driver hitting me), but in order to be here … this is not Tel Aviv or New York…” Rabinovich wrote.

He also has a Facebook and Twitter page.

Read the details about the accident with Slava Rabinovich.

Slava Rabinovich
Slava Rabinovich. Photo Source:

Slava Rabinovich is 56 years old.

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