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1140648592060760981 – what does the Zuckerberg number mean

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg made a post on his Facebook page on May 31, 2023 with the number 1140648592060760981.

At the same time, in the comments, he added the phrase: “Follow me, please.”

Zuckerberg's post with the number 1140648592060760981
Zuckerberg’s post with the number 1140648592060760981

For 22 minutes of the existence of this post, he scored more than 13 thousand comments: mostly jokes and bewilderment of what the indicated number means.

After 26 minutes, the post disappeared.

In the comments, Zuckerberg’s followers suggested that:

  • he indicated his account number;
  • he indicated his financial condition;
  • he indicated the number of subscribers, followers.

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