Yaroslav Garkavko

Who is Yaroslav Garkavko and how did he die

Yaroslav Garkavko is an actor from Kyiv, a participant in the TV show “League of Laughter”.

He has a Facebook page and also an Instagram page.

“Human. Young. The actress is good. I learn from mistakes. Aliens, of course,” he wrote in his profile.


Yaroslav Garkavko is 26 years old.

Studied at the National Aviation University.

The place of residence indicated Kyiv.

Said he was in a relationship.

Yaroslav Garkavko
Yaroslav Garkavko. Photo Source: t.me/ligasmeha/11210

How Yaroslav Garkavko died

On December 8, 2022, the League of Laughter announced that Yaroslav Garkavko had passed away.

“Terrifying news that you don’t want to believe. Yaroslav Garkavko, whom we are sure many of you know, has passed away. While there are not enough words, only pleasant memories associated with this person climb into my head. Thank you friend for protecting us all this time. Rest in peace,” the message said.

The National Aviation University, in turn, reported that Yaroslav Garkavko was injured at the front.

“The rector and the entire university community express condolences over the death of NAU graduate Yaroslav Garkavko. Defending Ukraine from the enemy, Yaroslav Garkavko, a well-known presenter and participant in the League of Laughter, died, they began his creative and professional career while studying at the National Aviation Institute at the Institute of Air Navigation.

“A positive person – Yaroslav Garkavko was purposeful, responsible, responsive, sincere and sociable, devoted to his work, which he consciously chose and for which he spared no effort. Yaroslav always joked and looked for the positive in everything, knew how to be a good friend, and colleague, and in any circumstances remained a Man. In this difficult time, we offer our sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Yaroslav Garkavko,” writes NAU.

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