Cooper Noriega

Who is Cooper Noriega and why did he die

Cooper Noriega is a blogger and model from Los Angeles, USA.

He has an Instagram page with 488k followers.

“Model. just wanna model and do sum fashion :)” Cooper Noriega wrote about himself in his profile.


Cooper Noriega was born on June 28, 2002.

He became a star on TikTok – his account has 2 million subscribers.

His specialization is fashion and skateboarding.

Cooper Noriega also has a Twitter.

About himself, the blogger reported that from the age of 9 he allegedly suffers from drug addiction, and also suffers from a mental disorder.

He recently started Discord to help people with mental health issues and also to talk about his struggles with drugs.

In 2020, Cooper Noriega overdosed on fentanyl.

Then he called it a suicide attempt.

And since then, he has spoken about his struggle with drug addiction and attempts to restore his health.

Cooper Noriega
Cooper Noriega. Photo Source:

How Cooper Noriega Died

On June 10, 2022, TMZ reported that Cooper Noriega was found dead on June 9 in a mall parking lot outside of Los Angeles.

At the same time, according to preliminary data, the police and paramedics found no injuries or signs of violence on the body of the blogger.

Hours before Cooper’s death, Noriega posted a picture of himself in bed on TikTok with the caption: “Who else thinks they’re going to die?”.

Investigators are going to perform an autopsy on the blogger’s body to determine the cause of death.

Suicide is currently believed to be the cause of death.

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