school No. 88 in Izhevsk

Who is Artem Kazantsev and is he really shooting in Izhevsk

Artem Anatolyevich Kazantsev is a resident of Izhevsk, Russia.

There is information about it in the registry.


Artem Kazantsev was born in 1988 in Izhevsk.

Graduated from school number 88.

Registered as an individual entrepreneur, engaged in retail trade.

What kind of shooting at a school in Izhevsk

On September 26, 2022, a shooting occurred at school No. 88 on Pushkinskaya Street in Izhevsk.

The Investigative Committee reports that the shooter is 34-year-old Artem Kazantsev.

The number of dead as of lunch on 09/26/22 is 14 people.

The shooter himself shot himself.

At the place of residence of the shooter, law enforcement agencies conduct searches, and the personality of the attacker, his views, and surroundings are studied.

“His adherence to neo-fascist views and Nazi ideology is being tested,” notes 112.

On the social network Vkontakte, users found the page of a certain Artem Kazantsev from Izhevsk and write comments to him about the shooting.

However, according to preliminary data, this page is not that of Artem Kazantsev, who, according to preliminary data, allegedly fired at school No. 88.

school No. 88 in Izhevsk
school No. 88 in Izhevsk. Photo Source:

On one of the shooter’s pistols, the inscription “ERIC DYLAN” was found – this is a reference to the shooters who committed the massacre at the American Columbine School.

On the second pistol – “COLUMBINE”.

The attacker in the school in Izhevsk was registered in the psycho-neurological dispensary.

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