Aikhal Ammosov

Who is Aikhal Ammosov and what is the scandal around him

Aikhal Ammosov is a musician and activist from Yakutsk, Sakha, Russia, whose passport name is Igor Anatolyevich Ivanov.

He has an Instagram page (1,180 followers).

In his profile, Aikhal Ammosov called himself a politician.


Now Aikhal Ammosov is 30 years old.

He was born on January 22, 1992 in Yakutsk.

“Political preferences: socialist; the main thing in life: self-development; the main thing in people: intelligence and creativity; attitude to smoking: neutral; inspire: nature; about himself: the leader of marginalized youth, ”Aikhal Ammosov wrote about himself in his profile on his Vkontakte page.

Aikhal Ammosov is the leader of the Yakut punk band Crispy Newspaper.

Aikhal Ammosov
Aikhal Ammosov. Photo Source:

What is the scandal around Aikhal Ammosov

In 2022, according to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, Aikhal Ammosov was fined three times under an administrative article for “discrediting” the Russian army, which staged a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

The amount of each fine amounted to 30 thousand Russian rubles.

Among other things, Aikhal Ammosov posted a banner on the street with the inscription “Yakutian punk against war”.

Previously, he went out with a poster “The groom has arrived” to the funeral services.

Ammosov also laid flowers in memory of those who died in Ukraine at the memorial plate “Hero City Kyiv” and drew graffiti “No to war!” in three languages.

In August 2022, the local police opened a criminal case against Aikhal Ammosov under the article on “discrediting” the Russian army.

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