Daria Dugina

Who is Daria Dugina and how did she die

Daria Alexandrovna Dugina (Platonova) is the daughter of the ideologist of rashism Alexander Dugin.

She has a telegram channel.


Daria Dugina was born in 1992.

Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University.

She began working as a political observer for the International Eurasian Movement.


Daria Dugina
Daria Dugina. Photo Source: t.me/dplatonova

How Daria Dugina died

On the night of August 21, 2022, Telegram channel 112 reported that an SUV had been blown up in the Moscow region.

“In the area of ​​the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy, an explosive device went off in a Land Cruiser Prado. As a result, the owner of the car died on the spot. Previously, the deceased may be the daughter of a well-known public figure Alexander Dugin. Operational services are working on the spot,” the statement said.

According to eyewitnesses, the explosion in the car of Darya Dugina occurred while driving along the Mozhaisk highway.

Debris from the car was scattered all over the road.

At first, there was a version that a gas cylinder exploded in an SUV.

The priority version of the investigation is the explosion of an improvised explosive device.

Violinist Pyotr Lundstrem said, according to Baza, that Daria Dugina was returning from the Tradition family festival in the Zakharovo estate.

“Together with Daria Dugina, her father, a philosopher and public figure, as well as the ideologist of the Russkiy Mir, Alexander Dugin, was supposed to ride in the car. However, at the last moment, Alexander allegedly got into another car.

Alexander Dugin himself arrived at the scene of the car explosion at night, in which Daria Dugin was, and grabbed his head.

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