Vasily Rassokha

Who is Vasily Rassokha and did he really kill Sergei Lopukhov

Vasily Konstantinovich Rassokha is a resident of Domodedovo, Moscow region, Russia.

There is information about him in the register of entrepreneurs.


Vasily Rassokha is 22 years old.

In Domodedovo, he worked as a Sunday school teacher.

Taught robotics.

Retired in 2021.

As an individual entrepreneur, in the fall of 2021, he registered retail trade by mail or via the Internet information and communication network, retail trade-in books in specialized stores, trade in flowers and other plants, seeds, fertilizers, pets and pet food in specialized stores.

Vasily Rassokha
Vasily Rassokha. Photo Source:

Is it true Vasily Rassokha killed Sergei Lopukhov

On August 24, 2022, the telegram channel Baza reported that Vasily Rassokha had killed priest Sergei Lopukhov.

“Recently, Vasily Rassokha was fired from Sunday school. Yesterday the rector Sergei Lopukhov and the former teacher had a long conversation. Perhaps the topic was Vasily’s behavior – he pursued one of the former students, guarded the girl at the house, and even bought her a ring. The chosen one did not respond to Rassokha’s feelings, but, on the contrary, avoided and was afraid of him, ”the newspaper writes.

“Lopukhov tried to stand up for the girl and reason with the guy, but it didn’t work out. In the morning, Rassokha came to the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and stabbed Lopukhov several times. After the murder, the suspect remained sitting next to the body of the priest,” adds Baza.

Vasily Rassokha was detained.

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