Durdana Butt

Who is Durdana Butt and why she died

Durdana Butt is an actress from Pakistan who became famous for her roles in dramas Ruswai, Intezaar, Rani, Tanhaiyaan.

She has a page on IMDB.

Durdana Butt was born in Lahore on May 9, 1938.

She graduated from Kinnard College and then went to the University of Toledo, where she earned her doctorate from the Ohio Department of Education.

She then took up acting, advertising and modeling.

She got a job in the theater, got a role in a comedy drama.

After that, Durdana Butt began acting in dramas on the PTV channel.

Durdana Butt was married to her cousin. He died in the 1970s.

On August 12, 2021, actor Khalid Malik announced that Durdana Butt had died.

She suffered from cancer.

In addition, she fell ill with coronavirus, spent eight days on artificial lung ventilation at a hospital in Karachi.

Durdana Butt was 83 years old.

Durdana Butt
Durdana Butt. Photo source: instagram.com/ayesha.m.omar/

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