Pavel Petkuns

Who is Pavel Petkuns and is it true he’s getting married to Riley Reid

Pavel (Pasha) Petkuns  is a freerunner, tracer, stuntman from Latvia.

He has an Instagram page (1.3 million followers) where he called himself a “movement artist”.

Pavel Petkuns
Pavel Petkuns. Photo source:

Pavel Petkuns announced that he would marry the actress Riley Reid (727,000 Instagram followers) on his Instagram on 9 April.

“I finally found the love of my life and we’re getting married. SHE SAID YES!!!!”, Petkuns wrote, publishing his photo with the actress.

Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns
Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns. Photo source:

Riley Reid also wrote on Instagram on 9 April: “We’re in love and engaged to be married. I can’t wait spend the rest of my life with you @pashatheboss”.

Pasha Petkuns also has a YouTube channel “teamfarang”. He is the head of the Team Farang company, specializing in making videos with freerunning stunts for social media.

In addition, Petkuns has two Facebook accounts: the first one and the second one.

Within days, the couple published a provoking sexy video where Pasha Petkuns demonstrated one of his crazy tricks on Instagram.

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