Tyhran Ohanysian

Who is Tyhran Ohanysian and did he really die in Berdyansk

Tyhran Ohanysian is a teenage Ukrainian activist from Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine.

The organization “Media Initiative for Human Rights” spoke about it.


Tigran Hovhannisyan was born in 2006 in Berdyansk.

On February 28, 2022, the Russian occupation army captured Berdyansk.

On September 30, 2022, Russian law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case against Tyhran Ohanysian, as well as another teenager from Berdyansk, Mykyta Khanganov.

Tyhran Ohanysian, according to the organization, was kidnapped from his home in Berdyansk, where he lived with his grandmother.

For five days, the relatives did not know anything about the whereabouts of the child.

Tyhran Ohanysian was severely interrogated by the investigating authorities with beatings and electric shock torture.

Investigators demanded that the guy confesses to preparing a sabotage on the Melitopol railway, which supposedly was supposed to prevent units of the occupying Russian army from receiving supplies necessary for combat operations in Ukraine.

Five days later, after the publicity in the media about the disappearance of the child, Tyhran Ohanysian was released on the condition that he would appear daily at the local “law enforcement agencies.”

An attempt by Tyhran Ohanysian’s parents to return him from Germany and take the guy out of the occupied territory failed – the whole family was arrested in Taganrog (Russian Federation).

On May 24, 2023, they received accusations from the investigative committee of the Russian Federation for allegedly preparing sabotage on the railway.

Tyhran Ohanysian
Tyhran Ohanysian. Photo Source: mipl.org.ua

Is it true Tyhran Ohanysian died in Berdyansk

On June 24, 2023, the organization Media Initiative for Human Rights reported that Mykyta Khanganov and Tyhran Ohanysian could have been killed in Berdyansk during armed resistance to Russian occupiers.

At the same time, Tyhran Ohanysian recorded a video.

The death of Tyhran Ohanysian on June 24, 2023, was reported by Russian propagandist Vladimir Rogov.

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