Sergiy Balanchuk

Who is Sergey Balanchuk and did he really die

Sergiy Oleksandrovich Balanchuk is a former football player and fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He has a Facebook page.


Sergiy Balanchuk was born in Kyiv on March 31, 1975.

He studied at secondary school No. 170 in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv.

Together with Balanchuk, Olexander Shovkovsky, Vladislav Vashchuk, Sergiy Fedorov and Gennady Medvedev studied, who later also became football players.

Balanchuk graduated from high school with a gold medal.

Then he studied at the Kharkiv University of Internal Affairs.

He began to play football at the school of the football club “Dynamo”, Kyiv.

In early 1992, he made his debut with Dynamo-2, where he became one of the key defenders.

In the summer of 1993, he was on loan at the CSK of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On August 13, 1995, he made his debut in the main team of Dynamo in a duel against SC Nikolaev.

In total, he played 4 matches with Dynamo.

Then he entered into an agreement with the Maccabi football club from Haifa, Israel.

For three seasons in Israel, he won, together with the club, the bronze medal in the national championship and the Israeli Cup.

He played 7 matches in European competitions.

In 1999 he moved to the football club “Vorskla”, Poltava.

Sergiy Balanchuk was the main defender of Vorskla for 3.5 seasons.

The last club for Balanchuk was Metalist Kharkiv, where he played in 2003.

After the end of his career as a football player, Balanchuk received a law degree and in 2004 began working in his specialty.

Worked as a partner in Law Firm VS & Partners LLC, and acted as an arbitrator of the permanent arbitration court at the Association of Ukrainian Banks.

Balanchuk also indicated Budindustriya-1 and Yuvito companies as places of work.

At the end of April 2022, he was drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Sergiy Balanchuk
Sergiy Balanchuk. Photo Source:

Is Sergiy Balanchuk really dead?

On July 9, 2022, Sergiy Balanchuk’s ex-wife, Lesya Balanchuk announced his death.

“My love, one morning, looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that I have no right to demand from you that I / you / we can give each other. My love for you was and is so immense that the best thing I could do for you / us was to let go. I sincerely experienced all your misfortunes and rejoiced at your successes. I didn’t change my last name, because I haven’t met more warmth and care yet. I hope I managed to carry it with honor. I know for sure that at the last stage of your life you were satisfied and found yourself. Thank you for being with me. While in the body, crying, together with Nick Balanchuk and so… I love you!) Fly, my dear… Thank you for this amazing journey!” she wrote on Facebook.

Football players Vlad Vashchuk and Olexander Shovkovsky also wrote about the death of Sergiy Balanchuk.

In addition, FC Dynamo Kyiv wrote about the death of Sergiy Balanchuk.

According to them, Sergiy Balanchuk died as a result of artillery fire from the Russian invaders near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

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