Vitaly Kozlovsky

Vitaly Kozlovsky received a soldier badge

Ukrainian singer Vitaliy Kozlovsky received the so-called soldier badge.

He showed it in a video that he posted on his Instagram page on June 21, 2023.

Earlier, Kozlovsky said that he had received a summons to the army.

In the video, the singer also showed a green military ID – such as the one issued by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to servicemen with the rank of soldier.

He also demonstrated that he received military uniforms and uniforms.

In the stories, Kozlovsky also posted a video where he holds a machine gun.

“I used to have a microphone as my weapon. Now my weapon is a real weapon that can be used to dispose of the enemy, ”said the singer.

He also noted that he is now sent to the service, to the training ground.

Vitaly Kozlovsky
Vitaly Kozlovsky. Photo Source:

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