Andrei Morozov

Who is Andrei Morozov and is he really dead

Andrey Stepanovich Morozov is a blogger and public figure from Russia.

He has a telegram channel.


Andrey Morozov was born on August 17, 1979 in Moscow, Russia.

In 2005, he gained fame in the media after throwing tomatoes at Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin.

In 2007, he fired at the sign of the office of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party with a sawed-off shotgun – fired 4 shots.

He explained his action by protesting against the detention by law enforcement agencies of Andrei Morozov’s colleague Olga “Matilda” Kasyanenko, who was preparing a protest against the naming of a street in Moscow in honor of Akhmad Kadyrov, the father of the current head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

At the time of the shelling, an FSB employee was in the office.

Andrei Morozov was detained.

He was in prison until July 2009.

He became interested in military actions against Ukraine.

Started visiting Donbas.

Joined the Russian occupation army.

As a blogger, he is known under the nicknames kenigtiger, “Murz”, “Fighting cat Murz”.

Andrei Morozov
Andrei Morozov. Photo Source:

Is it true that Andrei Morozov died?

On February 21, 2024, Andrei Morozov published a large suicide note on his telegram channel, where, in particular, he said that the command of the Russian army forced him to delete a certain post from his telegram channel.

In the note, Morozov, among other things, noted that he was going to shoot himself.

“In the event of my incapacity, for example, if I miss the shot or if just before the shooting they break in and arrest me…” he wrote.

Earlier, Andrei Morozov wrote in his Telegram channel and then deleted a post that the Russian army lost 16 thousand people in the battles for Avdiivka.

Morozov said that the order to remove his post was given under pressure from “political prostitutes led by Vladimir Solovyov.”

Morozov’s death was reported on the morning of February 21 by the Z-channels “Phantom of Novorossiya”, “Soldatskaya Pravda” and “Veteran’s Notes”.

Lawyer Maxim Pashkov, who spoke with Morozov, said that he shot himself.

Denis Kazantsev’s version regarding the death of Andrei Morozov

Ukrainian blogger Denis Kazantsev suggested that Yulia Vityazeva, a colleague of the Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, was involved in the death of Morozov.

“Propagandist Vityazeva, who drove Sergeant of the Russian Armed Forces Morozov-Murza to suicide, openly mocked his death. In her cart, she wrote that Morozov himself was to blame, a weakling and a rag, and his friends were hype about his death,” Kazantsev wrote in his Telegram channel.

“At first, even I fell into a stupor from such cynicism. But then it dawned on me! But Yulia Vityazeva is ours. Ukrainian from Odessa. And in fact, it turns out that she masterfully destroyed one of the principled and ideological enemies of Ukraine – a fanatical Russian Nazi, who saw the elimination of Ukrainian statehood as the goal of his whole life,” Kazantsev added.

According to him, such an operation was not even dreamed of by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov.

“The woman got a job on Russian TV and skillfully poisons the Russian patriots themselves, forcing them to naturally commit suicide (driving them to suicide – ed.). Moreover, he receives awards and salaries for this,” notes Kazantsev.

“Agree, this is brilliant. It’s just that an effective Russian volunteer, an ideological enemy, was liquidated before everyone’s eyes. But nothing will happen to Vityazeva! She laughs and kicks the corpse, knowing full well that she is in no danger. Julia, from now on I am your fan! I will definitely do everything so that the well-deserved award is somehow delivered to you in Moscow,” he added.

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