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How Paulo Coelho angered Ukrainians

Brazilian 74-year-old writer Paulo Coelho angered the citizens of Ukraine, as he stood up for the citizens of Russia.

Paulo Coelho expressed his opinion on March 11, 2022, on Twitter.

“Ukraine crisis is a convenient excuse for Russophobia,” he wrote.

And then he added that he had been to Ukraine and Russia.

“I’ve been to Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, Yalta, Chernobyl (Ukraine). I’ve crossed 10.000 km by train, Moscow to Vladivostok (Russia). Yes, there is war: but don’t blame the common people,” he wrote.

In response, the Ukrainians got angry.

Thousands of comments have gathered under Paulo Coelho’s tweets.

“Of course, there is no reason for russophobia, Russians just kill children and women in Ukraine, never mind,” wrote Denis Kazansky, a Ukrainian blogger and member of the tripartite contact group on resolving the situation in Donbas.

People’s Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko also came to the comments.

“Here one writer – Paulo Coelho decided on Twitter to express his opinion around what he calls the “Ukrainian crisis”. He wrote that the situation is convenient for Russophobia. When they attacked him, he began to make excuses. Like, yes, there is a war, I was in Ukraine and in Russia. But “ordinary people” are not to blame,” Goncharenko wrote on his Facebook page.

“Although Twitter limited me in the number of characters, I decided (very gently) to explain to him on the fingers why “ordinary people” are also to blame. There are few chances for understanding, but the information war is what the war is about, that whoever did not answer lost, ”he added.

Ukrainian TV producer Zurab Alasania believes that Paulo Coelho lost the fight to his demons.

“The duel of Good and Evil takes place every second in the heart of every person because the heart is the battlefield where angels and demons fight” – this is Paolo Coelho. He obviously lost his duel with the demons. For today’s Coelho is: “The Ukrainian crisis is a convenient excuse for Russophobia.” “Crisis, a convenient occasion,” I read under the roar of the cannonade. Dust to dust, Paolo Coelho. Ashes to ashes,” Alasania wrote on his Facebook page.

And the Ukrainian politician Andriy Shkil simply spoke with a swear word about Paulo Coelho: “Paulo Ohuylyo.”

Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho. Photo source:

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine.

Now Putin’s army is shelling and bombing peaceful Ukrainian cities, civilians are dying in large numbers.

The entire civilized world is on the side of Ukraine.

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