Kairat Nurtas

“Kairat Nurtas died” – what happened

The query “kairat nurtas died” jumped in search trends on September 18, 2022.

People are looking to whether Kazakh pop singer and actor Kairat Nurtas really died.

At the same time, all 100% of such requests come from Kazakhstan.

Kairat Nurtas has an Instagram page with 6.8 million followers.

23 hours ago in stories, the singer posted a video from his performance, as well as an advertisement.

In addition, 17 hours ago, a post appeared with the lines “Do you think about me, do you remember me?” and a photo by Kairat Nurtas.

Kairat Nurtas is now 33 years old.

He has a wife and four children.

There are no official reports that something happened to Kairat Nurtas, that he allegedly died.

As for the news about Kairat Nurtas, fakes about his alleged death appeared in 2022, and they were refuted in the news. The fakes were based on rumors or social media posts.

Kairat Nurtas
Kairat Nurtas. Photo Source: instagram.com/kair_n/

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