Damien Tarel

Damien Tarel caught on video before the attack on Macron

Martial arts instructor Damien Tarel was caught on video before his attack on French President Emmanuel Macron.

The video was filmed by Quotidien.

Damien Tarel
Damien Tarel. Photo source: instagram.com/fossillusse/

“4 hours before the attack, our journalist questioned passers-by who had come to meet with the French president. Among them is the man who hit Emmanuel Macron,” the Quotidien writes.

Damien Tarel stands next to the correspondent of the publication and at the same time is silent, listening to what his acquaintances say.

Damien Tarel is 28 years old.

He is interested in the Middle Ages.

Now he is detained by the police.

For an attack on Macron, he faces up to three years in prison.

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