Damien Tarel

Damien Tarel, detained for slapping Emmanuel Macron, made a statement

Damien Tarel, arrested for slapping the face of French President Emmanuel Macron, made a statement.

It appeared on Damien Tarel’s page, which is now maintained by his relatives.

Damien Tarel
Damien Tarel. Photo source: instagram.com/fossillusse/

“My conclusion is going smoothly. I want to thank you for the great support (letters, books, donations…) from your side! Continue to fight for your freedom, especially now against the introduction of sanitary pads. Unfortunately, I cannot be with you now, but I support you from the bottom of my heart in this struggle!” – Posted by Damien Tarel on July 25, 2021.

On June 22, 2021, his relatives made a post in which they explained that they now run Damien Tarel’s page.

“Hi everyone. We are related to Damien Tarel. After numerous requests, we created an official Facebook page to support him. You can ask us your questions directly on the page or Instagram, and we will give you news about it when we receive it. You can also send him letters or your gifts directly by asking for the address in a personal message,” the post says.

Damien Tarel caught on video before the attack on Macron.

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