Dr. Robert Lesslie

Who is Dr. Robert Lesslie and how was he killed in South Carolina

70-years-old Robert Lesslie is a famous physician and writer from Rock Hill city in South Carolina.

Here is his Facebook page and his own website with health advice.

Robert Lesslie has more than 40 years of experience.

He established and led Riverview House Calls & Riverview Hospice and Palliative Care.

Also, the doctor is an author of several books about emergency room work and its “everyday angels”— nurses, doctors, and patients.

Lesslie couple has four adult children and eight grandchildren.

On April 7 NBC reported that Dr. Lesslie’s, his 69-year-old wife Barbara Lesslie, and their 5 and 9 years old grandchildren were killed in their own house.

All of them were shot.

On April 8 The York County Sheriff’s Office announced that the suspect was found but didn’t give any information about his personality.

A few hours later AP, recalling its own source, reported that the murderer was an American football player Phillip Adams.

According to this information, the former NFL footballer was a dr. Robert Lesslie patient. This day after midnight Adams committed suicide. His body was found in a nearby home.

Here is the statement of Dr. Robert Lesslie published on his Facebook after his death.

“One day, when I depart this body and find myself in the presence of the Lord, my time, however it will be measured, will be filled with the praises and the wonder of Jesus. I know that I will once again be able to hug my mother and walk and talk with my father. There are a lot of people I want to see as well—family and friends, grandparents, some of whom I never met on this side” he wrote while he was alive.

Dr. Robert Lesslie
Dr. Robert Lesslie. Photo source: facebook.com/RobertDLesslie/

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