Vladimir Zavadsky

Who is Vladimir Zavadsky and did he really die in Ukraine?

Vladimir Vasilievich Zavadsky is a Russian major general.

He has a page on Odnoklassniki.


Vladimir Zavadsky was born on January 11, 1978.

The place of residence indicated was Novocherkassk, Rostov region, Russia.

He graduated from the Ulyanovsk Guards Suvorov Military School in 1995.

In 2000 he graduated from the Moscow Combined Arms Command School.

He commanded a motorized rifle platoon, company, and battalion.

In 2010 he graduated from the Combined Arms Academy of the Russian Armed Forces.

Subsequently, he served as deputy commander of a training tank regiment, deputy head of a training center, chief of staff of a motorized rifle brigade, commander of a motorized rifle brigade, and commander of a motorized rifle division.

Awarded the Order of Courage and departmental medals.

From August 2018 to June 2021, he was the commander of the Kantemirov Guards Tank Division, which is stationed in the Moscow region.

The portrait of young Zavadsky in the Russian Federation was used to advertise military service under a contract.

His wife is Oksana Vasilyevna Zavadskaya, who has pages on Odnoklassniki: one, two, as well as an account on TikTok.

The couple has two sons: 20-year-old Dmitry and 12-year-old Mikhail.

Dmitry Zavadsky is a cadet at the Tver Suvorov Military School.

He has a page on Odnoklassniki and a VKontakte page.

Mikhail Vladimirovich Zavadsky has VKontakte pages: one, and two.

Is it true that Vladimir Zavadsky died in Ukraine?

On November 28, 2023, the media reported that Vladimir Zavadsky died on November 28, 2023, when he was blown up by a mine during the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

At the time of his death, he was deputy of the 14th Army Corps of the Russian invaders.

However, there is no official confirmation of the death of Vladimir Zavadsky.

In September 2022, the media reported that Vladimir Zavadsky was wounded near Izyum, Kharkiv region of Ukraine, and was evacuated from there.

Vladimir Zavadsky
Vladimir Zavadsky. Photo Source: ok.ru/profile/118611169287/

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