Andrey Kondrashkin

Who is Andrey Kondrashkin and did he really die in Donbas?

Andrey Vladimirovich Kondrashkin is a Russian colonel.

It is discussed on page 31 of the separate Guards Air Assault Brigade on Wikipedia.


Andrey Kondrashkin was born in the village of Pervomaisky, Tula region, Russia.

Since 1996 he studied at the Ryazan Airborne School.

Then he studied at the Academy. M. Frunze in Moscow.

In 2015, he became commander of the 108th Airborne Regiment in Novorossiysk.

Then – formations of the 56th Guards Separate Order of the Patriotic War, First Class, Don Cossack Airborne Brigade.

Married, has two daughters: Daria and Maria.

Call sign – “Danube”.

Is it true that Andrei Kondrashkin died in Donbas?

On September 17, 2023, DPR member Alexander Khodakovsky reported that Andrei Kondrashkin died in Ukraine.

According to journalist Yuri Butusov, Kondrashkin carried out the task of repelling attacks of the 3rd assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine south of the village of Andriyivka, Donetsk region, Ukraine.

Andrey Kondrashkin
Andrey Kondrashkin. Photo Source:

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