Stanislav Rzhitsky

Who is Stanislav Rzhitsky and how he was killed

Stanislav Leonidovich Rzhitsky – Deputy Head of the Department for Mobilization Work in Krasnodar, Russia.

He has a page on Strava.


Stanislav Rzhitsky was born on December 18, 1980 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia.

In 2003 he graduated from the St. Petersburg Naval Institute.

In 2010 he graduated from the highest special officer classes of the Russian Navy.

He began to serve in the Russian Navy in the Black Sea Fleet as the commander of a mine-torpedo warhead on the B-871 Alrosa submarine.

In 2005, he became an assistant commander of Alrosa, in 2007 he was promoted to senior assistant commander of the B-380 submarine “Saint Prince George”, where he served until 2009.

In 2012, he was appointed assistant commander of Alrosa, the following year – senior assistant commander, and in August 2013 he headed the crew.

Since 2016, he was the commander of the B-265 Krasnodar submarine, with which he participated in hostilities against ISIS.

Later he was appointed deputy head of the city department for mobilization work.

He has a page in Odnoklassniki.

Stanislav Rzhitsky also has a page on the Peacemaker resource.

Stanislav Rzhitsky
Stanislav Rzhitsky. Photo Source:

How Stanislav Rzhitsky was killed

According to the Russian Telegram channel Shot, 42-year-old Rzhitsky went jogging in Krasnodar on the morning of July 10, 2023, he was guarded near the Olimp sports complex by an unknown person who shot him four times in the back and chest, after which he fled the scene.

Rzhitsky died on the spot.

A criminal case has been initiated under the article “murder”.

The Telegram channel Baza writes that, according to preliminary data, the killer had been following Rzhitsky for a long time, knew his routes, and also specially chose a place that would not be covered by surveillance cameras.

The suspect in the murder of Stanislav Rzhitsky was caught on surveillance cameras.

What they said in Ukraine about the murder of Stanislav Rzhitsky

The Department of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed media reports that Rzhitsky commanded the Krasnodar submarine, which carried out strikes on Ukrainian cities.

“According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian commander carried out missile strikes, in particular on Vinnytsia. But later he came to the conclusion about the ineffectiveness of missile strikes with a great risk for civilians. Obviously, he was liquidated by his own for refusing to continue to carry out the combat orders of the command, ”said the Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The death of Rzhitsky was also reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The agency did not claim responsibility for the assassination but released previously unknown details of the assassination attempt.

In particular, the GUR stated that Rzhitsky was shot at around six in the morning on July 10, 2023, in a park where it was deserted due to rain.

In total, according to the GUR, there were seven shots from a Makarov pistol, as a result of which Rzhitsky died on the spot.

Is it true Stanislav Rzhitsky commanded the Krasnodar submarine, which shelled Ukraine

The Russian telegram channel Baza reported on July 11, 2023, that Stanislav Rzhitsky filed a report for dismissal from the Russian Armed Forces in December 2021.

Rzhitsky’s father told Baza that during the dismissal procedure, Stanislav Rzhitsky was in Russian-occupied Ukrainian Sevastopol and did not go to sea.

In August 2022, Rzhitsky was allegedly finally dismissed from the RF Armed Forces, and a few months later he got a job in the administration of Krasnodar.

According to Rzhytsky’s father, the military got into the Peacemaker base after 2014 – then Stanislav Rzhytsky was driving the Ukrainian diesel submarine Zaporizhzhia.

According to Baza, Rzhitsky did not receive any threats, or anonymous messages, and was not involved in memorable conflicts, including at work.

In the last days before the murder, the man behaved as usual.

Baza, citing Rzhytsky’s father, reports that Stanislav Rzhytsky allegedly did not directly participate in the full-scale invasion of the Russian occupation army in Ukraine, which took place on February 24, 2022.

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