Sanzhar Ibragimov

Who is Sanzhar Ibragimov and how did he die

Sanjar Khasanovich Ibragimov is a blogger and showman.

He has a page on Instagram.


Sanjar Ibragimov was born on December 29, 1986, in the city of Kagan, Uzbekistan.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law with a degree in Taxation.

Then he moved to Russia and learned massage.

Became a professional massage therapist, and developed his own practices.

He also positions himself as a singer, sorcerer, clairvoyant, and TV expert.

Married to Valeria Gunaz.

There is a YouTube channel #OtSanzharMe!.

I also have a TikTok account.

Who Sanzhar Ibragimov died

In June 2023, Sanjar Ibragimov announced that he had been hospitalized.

At the same time, he showed a terrible video of bleeding.

On June 7, 2023, he announced that he was examined and found no cancer.

At the same time, on June 30, 2023, acquaintances of Sanzhar Ibragimov reported that he had died.

At the same time, the network showed correspondence with the wife of Sanjar Ibragimov, who, in particular, said that the funeral would take place on July 3, 2023.

Sanzhar Ibragimov
Sanzhar Ibragimov. Photo Source:

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