Oleh Vynnyk

Oleh Vynnyk surprised fans with an important concert announcement

Singer Oleh Vynnyk surprised fans with an important announcement regarding his canceled concerts.

The announcement unexpectedly appeared on Vynnyk’s Instagram page on June 28, 2023.

At the moment, this is the only post on the singer’s page, where there are almost a million subscribers.

Vynnyk deleted previous posts and has not been active on the page for a long time.

In the announcement that appeared, we are talking about the return of money to Vynnyk’s fans for tickets to concerts that were scheduled but canceled in the fall of 2021.

“Attention! Important information!” – says in the introduction to the post.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Due to the cancellation of concert events, funds for tickets to Oleh Vynnyk’s concerts: 10/20/2021 – Kramatorsk, 10/22/2021 – Pokrovsk, 10/23/2021 – Berdyansk, 10/25/2021 – Kamenskoye, 10/26/2021 – Kremenchuk, 11/24-25/2021 – Kyiv – you can return it AT THE PLACE OF PURCHASE: at the box office or on the online resources of ticket operators, ”the post says.

After a long pause, Oleh Vynnyk appeared on video in an interview in June 2023, where he tried to answer questions about what happened to him.

Judging by the comments, this interview caused a predominantly negative reaction.

Oleh Vynnyk
Oleh Vynnyk. Photo Source: КРП

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