Nekoglai after the words about the trip to the front ended up in Kyiv

Blogger Nekoglai (Nikolai Lebedev), after during a stream on Twitch on June 19, 2023, announced that he was going to the front, he ended up in Kyiv.

Nekoglai announced his arrival in Kyiv in a video posted on June 20, 2023, on his Telegram channel.

During a stream from a hotel in Dnipro on June 19, he announced his trip to the front.

“No, I’m not near Bakhmut, I’m in a hotel in the Dnieper. Last day. And we’re going, we’re going to fight, lads, to zero, to the storm,” the blogger said.

In his TikTok, he also posted a video where he dances in military uniform with a patch in the form of the flag of Ukraine.

In the telegram channel Newsach/Dvach, they mockingly announced the arrival of Nekoglai in Kyiv.

“Someone fought? The blogger did not say the reason for the rapid escape from the front, sharing only that he is now in Kyiv, ”the post says.

Nekoglai. Photo Source:

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