Anatoly Chubays

“Chubays died” – what happened

The query “Chubays died” jumped in search trends on August 1, 2022.

People are looking for whether the former special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for sustainable development, the former head of the Rosnano company, Anatoly Chubays, really died.

Such requests come from Russia.

The reason is a message from TV presenter and blogger Ksenia Sobchak, who published information about Chubays’s hospitalization on her Telegram channel.

Allegedly, Chubays’s wife, Avdotya Smirnova, told Sobchak that Chubays suddenly became ill, and his arms and legs began to be taken away.

Chubays himself allegedly told Sobchak that he was hospitalized with suspected Guillain-Barré syndrome in one of the European hospitals.

At the same time, doctors assess Chubays’s condition as moderate.

Chubays is now 67 years old.

In March 2022, Bloomberg reported that Chubays left Russia due to disagreement with the war with Ukraine.

Anatoly Chubays
Anatoly Chubays. Photo Source:

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