Storm Shadow

How Ukraine uses Storm Shadow in the war against Russia

Storm Shadow missiles, which Ukraine received to counter the Russian occupation forces, have a number of unique characteristics.

This was reported by the Military Media Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the telegram channel.

What is the range of Storm Shadow

The operational range of the basic version of the Storm Shadow missile, declared by the manufacturer, is 250 km.

This means that the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can inflict defeat on the enemy throughout the depth of the occupied territories, including the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

In particular, the distance from liberated Kherson to Sevastopol occupied by Russia in a straight line is 237 km; from Zaporizhzhia to Kerch – 295 km, from Kramatorsk to Lugansk – 128 km.

Is Storm Shadow really invisible?

The flight of the Storm Shadow stealth missile can take place at low altitudes – 40-60 m.

Repeating the terrain, Storm Shadow is hardly noticeable even for enemy air defenses in depth.

How accurate is Storm Shadow

The Storm Shadow missile is programmed before a sortie, and its use is built on the principle of “fire and forget.”

The Storm Shadow weapon has an advanced guidance system that includes not only inertial and GPS navigation but also a terrain recognition system.

When approaching a given target, Storm Shadow turns on a thermal homing head that identifies the target stored in memory.

How mobile is Storm Shadow

The capabilities of the Storm Shadow air platform are many times greater than the mobility of ground-based missile systems.

Consequently, Storm Shadow, together with AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles and JDAM-ER glide bombs, significantly expand the capabilities of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in inflicting a tangible defeat on the enemy’s military potential.

Storm Shadow and Ukraine
Storm Shadow and Ukraine. Image Source:

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