Maxim Galkin

Gazmanov and Babkina were ridiculed, compared with Galkin

Russian artists Oleg Gazmanov and Nadezhda Babkina were laughed at for their causticity towards the artist Maxim Galkin.

Russian politician and blogger Nikolai Travkin wrote about this on Facebook.

“Whoever likes or dislikes Maxim Galkin, but let’s be objective and admit that sold-out concerts in Israel and other countries provide his family with a fairly comfortable standard of living …” he noted.

“And if fate transfers fate to this highly competitive market of colleagues on the stage, such as Gazmanov and Babkina, dousing him with slops, they will rush to beg for a social package so as not to die of hunger,” Travkin added.

Maxim Galkin
Maxim Galkin. Photo Source:

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