Nastya Ivleeva

“Ivleeva naked” – did she really show her breasts and where to look

The query “Ivleeva naked” jumped in search trends on November 19, 2022.

People are looking for a new role for Russian blogger Nastya Ivleeva in the series “Monastery”.

Such requests come from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

The reason is that there is a moment in the series where Ivleeva showed her breasts.

The photo and video with the uncensored episode were published, in particular, by the Zapreschenka telegram channel, which belongs to the popular Dvach resource.

Now Nastya Ivleeva is 31 years old.

She has a page on Instagram, a YouTube channel, TikTok, and a Telegram channel.

Nastya Ivleeva
Nastya Ivleeva. Photo Source:

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