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Who are Artem Kamardin and Alexandra Popova and what is the scandal

Artem Kamardin is a poet and activist from Russia, and a participant in the Mayakovsky Readings in Moscow, his nickname is Kamrad.

He has a page on Instagram.

“Readings are held on the last Sunday of every month from April to October at 18:00 on Triumfalnaya Square near the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky. Everyone can perform. Without pre-registration and coordination in the order of the general queue, ”the description for the Mayakovsky Readings telegram channel says.


Artem Kamardin was born on October 10, 1990.

Place of residence indicated Moscow.

Educated at the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “MIREA – Russian Technological University”.

Alexandra Popova is the girlfriend of Artem Kamardin, a poetess, artist, and activist.

She maintains a page on Instagram, as well as a telegram channel.

“Not relevant agendas. I write dead and lean lyrics. I draw some pictures. I love taking pictures of myself,” Alexandra Popova wrote in the channel description.

Both Artem Kamardin and Alexandra Popova oppose the war that Russia staged on the territory of Ukraine.

Artem Kamardin and Alexandra Popova
Artem Kamardin and Alexandra Popova. Photo source:

What a scandal

On September 26, 2022, law enforcement agencies in Moscow detained Artyom Kamardin, Alexandra Popova, and Alexander Menyukov.

The police broke into the apartment and during the searches raped Kamardin with a dumbbell.

Alexandra Popova stated that the violence was recorded on a video that the police showed her.

She also stated that the police pulled out her hair, sealed her mouth, and threatened her with gang rape.

Later, a video with an “apology” from Kamardin and two other participants in the Mayakovsky Readings appeared on a pro-government telegram channel.

The detainees were forced to ask for forgiveness for their poetry.

Kamardin is hospitalized.

Against him and two other participants in the readings in Moscow, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under the article on incitement to hatred.

Presumably, the activists were detained because of the Mayakovsky Readings action, which took place on September 25 near the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky in Moscow.

Young poets read their poems, in which they expressed disagreement with the policy of Russia and military operations in Ukraine.

It is for these texts that they apologize on video.

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