Evgen Mali Brakh

Who is Evgen Mali Brakh and did he really die in Ukraine

Evgen “Mali” Brakh is a blogger and soldier from Ukraine.

He has an Instagram page with 48.5k followers.

“5 years of the French Legion,” Mali wrote in the profile.


Evgen Brakh was born on October 2, 1995, in the Poltava region, Ukraine.

Served 5 years in the French Foreign Legion.

After Russia staged a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Brach returned to defend Ukraine.

Brach has a newborn son.

Mali is the military callsign of Evgen Brakh.

Mali also has a YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers.

Evgen Mali Brakh
Evgen Mali Brakh. Photo Source: instagram.com/ultimatum_2223/

Is Eugene “Mali” Brach true?

The death of Evgen “Mali” Brakh was announced on September 24, 2022, by his brother Igor Noman, calling sign “Yankee”.

“He lived as a real warrior – he died in battle! Honour! Evgen Mali Brakh. It was an honor to fight alongside! PRESENT! Mali has a newborn son,” Yankee wrote on Instagram.

Another colleague of Mali with the call sign “Immortal” reported that Mali was killed while performing a combat mission.

“During the performance of a combat mission, our brother, Mali, died, liberating the Native Lands, with weapons in his hands, like a real warrior, like a real man! To say that this is a big loss is an understatement! For our entire group, Mali is a soul, a mood, an endless stream of energy with which he filled everyone around! the best of us, an elite military man, a specialist in all areas. this is a colossal loss for his family… his wife and infant son…,” Immortal wrote on Instagram.

“My soul hurts so much … that it seems that I am already dead … For us, Mali, from the first second of our acquaintance I became Native, the same case when you seem to see a person for the first time, but it feels like you know him from childhood! everything around reminds me of him … everything! Mali is everywhere! Mali is in each of us! I can never believe that his huge, pure heart has stopped beating…” he added.

“We spent the last months, days, hours, minutes side by side, supporting each other even in those moments when it seemed that there was no way back … we will never forget your strong, brotherly shoulder, your laughter, your smile, your incredible Poltava “ surzhik”, millions of jokes and crackdowns, all this is you! You, brother, know, how I loved you … and I will always love and remember! We’ll take revenge! Eternal glory to the hero of Ukraine! Eternal glory to you, brother! Infantry is strength! Mali – forever! For us, you will never be in black and white!” – wrote Immortal.

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