Nikolai Vesnyankin

Who is Nikolai Vesnyankin and how did he die

Nikolai Vesnyankin is a businessman from Kazan, Russia, the founder of the Vesnyankinsky Baths.

He has a page on Instagram (29.3 thousand subscribers).


Nikolai Vesnyankin was born in July 1983 in Kazan.

In the profile on his Facebook page, he indicated that he studied at school number 18.

In 2005 he graduated from Kazan State University named after M.V. Ulyanov-Lenin.

Kazan Devlet Üniversitesi indicated the place of work.

He married the master of sports in figure skating Kamila Galimzyanova.

The couple has two children.

Nikolai Vesnyankin founded the Vesnyankinskiye Bani, an elite bathing complex in the village of Konstantinovka, in 2014.

Nikolai Vesnyankin
Nikolai Vesnyankin. Photo Source:

How Nikolai Vesnyankin died

On June 6, 2022, the KazanFirst publication reported that in Kazan, Nikolai Vesnyankin was found dead at his home.

One version of what happened is suicide.

However, the man did not leave a suicide note.

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